Press Release

Press Release

Houston, Texas – Heidi Vaughan Fine Art is proud to open an exhibition of new works, by Texas artist Michael Mogavero entitled Convergence, which will debut at the gallery, located at 3510 Lake Street at Colquitt in the Upper Kirby Galleries in Houston, on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Mogavero’s title of the show refers to a melding of Classical and Abstract strategies in constructing his images. The result is a poetic orchestration of Baroque arrangements colliding, while also embracing abstract forms, gestures, surfaces and light. The work is created on an I-pad with an I-pencil. The digital elements meld seamlessly with the traditional practice of painting and drawing. This seemingly contradictory notion of technology engaging the human hand helps forge a near spiritual alliance where influences come from multiple directions. Suddenly crossing, new technologies of the twenty-first century in turn, broaden the possibilities of painting. The imprint is done through archival pigment but using a high-rech printer – on traditional paper. Herein lies the power of art, that gives wings to the artist to discover new ways, adapting and utilizing new technologies, while paying tribute to the continued relevance of classical techniques.

Mogavero has had more than 25 solo exhibitions around the world, including his 2019 exhibit Crossroads at the Till Richter Museum (Buggenhagen, Germany). He has also had solo exhibits with Galerie Six Friedrich (Munich, Germany), Holly Solomon Gallery (New York), Co-Lab Gallery (Austin, TX), and C. Grimaldis Gallery (Baltimore). Mogavero’s public collections include, AT&T, The Walker Art Center, Prudential Insurance Co., Frost Art Museum, Princeton University Art Museum, Belo Corporation,
Price / Waterhouse & Co., and the Lowe Art Museum at The University of Miami.

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